Go With Your Loved One When He Leaves His Room

If your patient is sent to x-ray or another part of the hospital for a test or procedure, go with him. Transportation at the hospital typically sends an orderly to take your loved one to these places, but oftentimes, your loved one is then set on the side of a hall, either coming or going, and doesn’t have anyone to help him out.

Medical personnel will assure you that you won’t be needed, and aren’t wanted, but just be respectful and patient, and say that you’ll just walk with them and wait for your loved one during the test.

Be a respectful advocate for your loved one– if the wait seems long, check with someone.

If they are going into a room for some tests, you may not be allowed in that room and that is ok. Tell everyone you’ll just be waiting outside until they come out. Ask how long the test should take and then take action if the time gets longer than expected.

Be there for your loved one.