General Information for the Bedside Advocate

Act calmly, respectfully, considerately and helpfully. Once doctors and nurses see that most advocates are acting this way, they will be welcomed.

Stay out of the way. The beside advocate should be “background” not in the foreground.

Don’t get into confrontations with doctors or nurses. If you feel there is a problem you can’t surmount by talking with the medical personnel right there, then ask for the charge nurse, the hospital’s patient advocate, the hospital administrator, or anyone in Risk Management.

Be helpful. If you can get your loved one what they need, then do so. Be a positive influence in the care of the patient.

Leave the machines and IVs completely alone so that the medical personnel feel that they can trust you not to interfere.

Keep the noise level and number of visitors at any one time down.

Clear the way for hospital personnel to work.

Be sensitive that the medical personnel have a lot to do. Don’t bother them with questions you don’t need to be answered.